Property Claims

Intelligent Supplier Management (ISM) has been deployed as the property claim supply chain solution for a leading UK property insurer. The system manages a variety of supplier types including loss adjusters, surveyors, builders, glass and locks, flooring and damage restoration. Insurance company staff are easily able to assign and manage work undertaken by suppliers including complex claims where multiple suppliers are engaged. Suppliers are able to collaborate and co-ordinate their activities. Some suppliers choose to interface with the system via the River Dynamics web portal while others use the River Dynamics web services to avoid double entry of data.

Liability Claims

Intelligent Case Management (ICM) has been deployed for a leading UK specialist loss adjuster. The system manages liability claims from many upstream insurers who can instruct manually or through web service integration. Loss adjuster staff make good use of workflow management functions to ensure the different service levels of the upstream customers are followed. Automated management reports emailed to senior management ensure key company metrics are constantly managed.

Personal Injury Claims

Intelligent Supplier Management (ISM) has been deployed as the personal injury claim supply chain solution for a leading Australian insurance company. The system manages work assigned to investigators and lawyers. Insurance users are easily able to view any claim or job and inspect all messages and reports. Legal suppliers are able to assign work to investigators where required. Interfaces from the insurer's Guidewire claim system push new claim data into the River Dynamics solution. Suppliers use web services to extract new jobs, messages and documents from the system as well as to upload new invoices as jobs are completed. Performance dashboard functions deliver key insights to the insurer to assist them manage their panel of suppliers.

“Connecting all the participants in the customer claim journey”