About Us

River Dynamics is a claim management software-as-a-service company focused on providing collaborative workflow driven solutions that enable our insurance company and loss adjuster clients to reduce costs, improve workflow efficiency and better integrate with their customers and claim supply chain business partners.

Our claim management system, Intelligent Case Management (ICM), provides a comprehensive claim solution incorporating a virtual claim management folder recording all interactions in the claim process. It can be deployed to both in-house staff and the customer via a self-service web portal.

Our claim supply chain system, Intelligent Supplier Management (ISM), extends the capabilities of ICM to enable 3rd party suppliers to collaborate in the claim business process. It assigns work to suppliers based on recent analytical supplier performance data to ensure the most effective and efficient suppliers are assigned to each claim.

Our solutions enable a highly efficient business process, ensure compliance, and provide much improved management information. All solutions are web service enabled allowing straight through integration to other enterprise applications and supplier administration systems.

ICM and ISM are typically hosted by River Dynamics as software-as-a-service enabling our clients to deploy quickly while still providing the strictest security and service level requirements. Alternatively, the system can be hosted on in-house equipment. Users access the system either via a web browser or via web service integration through their existing enterprise applications.

“Connecting all the participants in the customer claim journey”